A small tool for enterprises to go Chinese specialization characteristics of the road
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Since entering the new century, the domestic manufacturing industry to accelerate the pace of technological transformation, so domestic CNC machine tools

began to enter a large number of manufacturing areas. With a sharp contradiction soon surfaced, advanced CNC machine tools, but not equipped with advanced

domestic cutting tools, had to be equipped with imported tools. Chinas tool industry for decades, such as the product structure of a day, when the

international financial crisis hit finally revealed a serious defect, dragging the rear of the manufacturing modernization. 


 Since the beginning of the new century, Chinas tool industry has begun to speed up the process of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, but the

progress is slow. In the face of financial turmoil, many companies have a strong sense of crisis. 


 So how to achieve the adjustment of industrial structure as soon as possible, to play a huge advantage of Chinas tool industry it? First of all, we should

make good use of the resources and human resources advantages of Chinas tools and materials, seriously change the business concept, strengthen the service,

to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry in the first place. Next we should play our tool enterprises characteristics, weaknesses, go small and

specialized, small but excellent road. 


 Advantage of utilization 

 Chinas tool enterprises and advanced multinational tool enterprises, from the capital, technology, equipment and management level, there is a big gap, it

seems that can not find any advantage. However, at least two advantages are the valuable resources for the development of Chinas tool industry. Natural

resources and human resources. 

 So, how to give full play to the advantages of resources and human resources, the development of the tool industry to a new level? First from the

transformation of the concept of strengthening service. Tool companies want to completely lose decades to develop the same, what to sell the old habits, to

meet the needs of the manufacturing industry in the first place. Has set up such a guiding ideology and development policy, even if there is no large number

of modern equipment, but also can produce a good product users welcome. With this guiding ideology, crudely made of waste of resources, a waste of talent,

will be greatly reduced. In recent years, Chinas tool industry began to emerge a number of private enterprises of science and technology, which is developed,

and its growth rate has exceeded the strength of state-owned enterprises, it is worth to pay attention to. 


 Tool industry to solve the problem of modernization, strengthen service awareness and improve service level is the top priority, and its urgency is far more

than the improvement of equipment. We have had many painful lessons, some companies spend big money on the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, but

the old ideas have not changed, still the same standard tool production, results are not welcomed by the market, the end of a lost wife of another soldier. 


 Make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages 

 Modern tool manufacturing industry in the developed countries, since 80s, the merger, reorganization and improvement, showing a "high starting point, large

investment, large-scale, international," the characteristics and concentration of the trend. The ten largest multinational tool group, which occupies 2/3 of

the international market. Compared with the tool enterprises in our country, there is a big gap between the product development capabilities, process

development capabilities, equipment development capabilities and marketing services. Must admit, this gap is not a short duration of time to catch up. Tool

industry, after all, is a traditional industry, and the law of the development of high and new technology is not the same. A lot of technology and

experience, to rely on a long-term accumulation of the process. Spent 20 years in China to create a 1~2 home can and multinational tool group to compete with

the enterprise, has been the best expectations of the. The vast number of tools companies must be realistic, not to the multinational group as a development

model. Most of Chinas tools and enterprises of the road to modernization, the development goals set a realistic point, "big and complete", "small and full"

mode of development is certainly not feasible. Determined to lose some areas, play the characteristics, weaknesses, go small and specialized, small but

excellent road. 

 From international experience, small but also have a brilliant future. In the world, in addition to the ten large multinational enterprises engaged in

tools, tools business enterprises, more than tens of thousands, find their own living space they are in development. It should be noted that the service area

of tool technology is very broad, it can penetrate into all fields of manufacturing industry, there is no obvious boundary of the industry. This has created

a good environment for the development of small enterprises with service characteristics. Chinas tool industry in recent years of reform and development, but

also began to pay attention to their own conditions, accurate positioning, select the reasonable development model of the problem. Many large and medium-

sized enterprises, have abandoned the "big and complete", "small and complete" development model, began to show their own characteristics, which is a very

gratifying phenomenon. But the proportion of special products and services is not big enough, the transition speed is not fast enough. That the sense of

urgency is not strong, not completely out of the impact of the traditional system, so the pace of reform should be accelerated. 


 Create an orderly market environment 

 Under the condition of market economy, the enterprise is the main body of the competition, it must be responsible for its own survival and development.

Therefore, the current development of Chinas tool industry, can not meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, the first to find the reasons from the

enterprise itself, to come up with solutions. But on the other hand, we must see that the history of the development of market economy in our country is very

short, the operation of the market there are many non-standard imperfect place, affecting the healthy development of enterprises, sometimes the impact is

very serious. Must be communicated to the government and enterprises, the consensus reached by the government to solve. for example 


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