Zhejiang Taizhou super domineering Pneumatic Tool Co. Ltd. is a set design, development, production, sales and service in one of the professional manufacturer of pneumatic tools, the predecessor of the company was founded in 1998, the company has a high-quality R & D team, complete the technical transformation and development of new products, mainly the production of industrial grade pneumatic nail gun, spray, airless spraying machine and pneumatic tools.

The company takes "the market as the guide, the innovation is endless" as the goal, advocates the customer to be supreme, the management innovation, the quality innovation, the technical innovation and the trade innovation, unceasingly studies the advanced modern management pattern. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE international certification. Products are now sold at home and abroad, in order to meet customer demand for product quality, the company introduced a number of processing centers and CNC special equipment. In order to stabilize and improve the quality of the products, the company introduced advanced testing equipment, to improve the quality of products and stable escort.


Customer focus
We hope to provide customers with more detailed and accurate support. To improve after-sales service, professional technical advice and technical support to meet the needs of customers.

work environment
We want to create a safe and comfortable working environment to ensure that every employee knows the risks associated with the job. This working environment can help motivate employees to improve their personal development and professional level.

Professional training
We ensure a long and continuous technical training. Technical training is crucial to the challenge of today's technological innovation.

We believe that the relationship should be based on the principle of mutual benefit, honesty, transparency and cooperation.

Corporate responsibility
We respect the economic, social and environmental expectations of all individuals and companies involved in the business activities of our company.


The success of our company is based on total quality control, which is composed of each individual quality control throughout the entire production process. Because, all of our staff's work (from design to production until after sales service) is very important. For us, every detail is crucial, as it will have a profound impact on the entire system. Well aware of the importance of these details, the company is committed to create a positive working atmosphere, so that every employee feels that his work is an indispensable part of the final quality.

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for human resources and technological innovation to be beneficial to our business philosophy. In the context of strict ethical norms, through our actions, to prove that we are committed to the realization of.



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